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200 thousand trees will be planted in Lake Atitlán’s watershed

200 mil árboles serán plantados en la cuenca del lago de Atitlán Guatemala cempro agreca cementos progreso guatemala
Part of our commitment to Guatemala is celebrating the life and water that its forests provide. We support our friends at Lake Atitlán in their effort to reforest the watershed of the most beautiful lake in the world.

This is carried out jointly by the National Council of Protected Areas (by its acronym in Spanish, CONAP), local authorities, AgroProgreso, and neighbors, who have been practicing reforestation activities for seven years.

Anna D’apolito thanked AgroProgreso for its support, through the donation of 200 thousand native trees, and for their technical support. «We thank everyone for their forest conservation efforts which helps maintain the beauty of our lake,» she said.

The trees will be planted under the supervision of Conap’s forest rangers, with the communities’ support.

Strategic areas

Reforestation is practiced in areas where large areas of were affected by fires. «The idea is to recover the areas affected by fires and by deforestation,» D’apolito said

Awareness campaign

The Friends of Lake Atitlán are planning an awareness campaign in all the communities surrounding the lake, to mitigate deforestation. Together with AgroProgreso and CONAP, they seek to generate the proper conditions so that communities are able make an efficient use of trees and the forest.

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