CID: Innovating in construction solutions

CID cempro desde 1992 cementos progreso guatemala

The Cementos Progreso Research and Development Center –CID-, began as the Cementos Progreso Concrete Laboratory on July 7, 1992. After 30 years, it has become a benchmark for innovation and development of products and solutions for the construction industry.

First Latina woman to lead initiatives in ACI

Xiomara Sapón primer mujer cempro guatemala cementos progreso

The Guatemalan engineer has recently been appointed as «Chair» of the International Certification Subcommitte, of the American Concrete Institute -ACI-, a nomination that, until recently, had never been granted to a woman.

Beyond Expectations: From Guatemala to the world

beyond expectations cempro cementos progreso guatemala

Guatemala Beyond Expectations is the movement that will present to the world the quality of products and services made in Guatemala. As an integral part of the project, at Progreso we join the initiative to show the world the high quality of our products.