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CID: Innovating in construction solutions

CID cempro desde 1992 cementos progreso guatemala
The Cementos Progreso Research and Development Center –CID-, began as the Cementos Progreso Concrete Laboratory on July 7, 1992. After 30 years, it has become a benchmark for innovation and development of products and solutions for the construction industry.

Initially, the objective of the CID was to offer the construction sector and the general public laboratory services and complementary technical assistance at a competitive cost. Studies and tests on concrete and its applications were also promoted.

Since 2012, the CID has been incorporated as a fundamental part of the quality control of the products of the Cementos Progreso plants, especially in quality control. The work carried out from that moment was the sampling and testing of the final product in cement, lime, aggregates and concrete placed on site.

The Research and Development Center has evolved over the years in response to the demand for solutions and the constant dynamics of construction. This industry requires applying the latest advances and technological innovation in world-class products and services.

Services offered

The CID offers a wide range of services for all types of innovation and construction needs, including: chemical area, cement, lime and mortar area, fresh and hardened concrete area; aggregates, prefabricated, design, soil mechanics and petrography areas. All of them coordinated by experts who will provide you with the best solutions and results.

Currently, there is Accreditation under the ISO 17025: 2017 Standard with 32 tests duly accredited and recognized by the national entity.

Innovation and future

CID has a quality assurance laboratory (CETEC) that has accreditation under ISO 17025, with 32 tests defined in its scope of accreditation, and recognized by the national entity OGA, among which are:

  • Available lime ASTM C25

  • Hydraulic cement compressive strength ASTM C109

  • Compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens ASTM C39

  • Chemical analysis of cement for oxides by X-Ray Fluorescence ISO 29581-2

  • Granulometry Fine and Coarse Aggregate ASTM C117

CETEC also has state-of-the-art equipment that is unique in the country and in the region; methodologies that support the knowledge and research of construction materials in the country and for some industrial segments.

The main function of CETEC is to offer analysis solutions for different construction products, including new forms of construction such as scale 3D printing with the implementation of a design and innovation area.

Faced with the need for research that the country demands, we have strategic allies, mainly from higher education, through mutual collaboration agreements with the main universities of Guatemala in support of the training of future professionals. In addition, there are collaborations with different national and international organizations on issues of regulations, technology and identification of needs in terms of construction quality and new sustainable products.

A testimony that commits us

Guillermo García from Jaguar Energy assured that the attention and service of the CID have been excellent and useful. “At the Plant and specifically in the Chemical Treatment area of ​​Jaguar Energy Guatemala LLC, we have relied on the installed infrastructure of the laboratory for fluorescence and X-ray diffraction determinations, among other methodologies that generate traceability and add value to our internal process”.

For more information about the services that the CID offers, you can call 2286-4178/80 or you can also write a message to the email

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