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British Safety Council awards the International Safety Award to four of our

British Safety Council otorga el International Safety Award a cuatro de los nuestros cempro cementos progreso guatemala agreca mixto listo horcalsa
This award recognizes and celebrates organizations around the world that have shown true dedication to keeping their employees and workplaces healthy and safe over the past year.

The «International Safety Award» awards are recognized worldwide as they promote continuous improvements to health, safety and well-being standards in organizations and companies. The San Miguel and San Gabriel plants, owned by Cementos Progreso, as well as Aggregates of Guatemala (Agreca), Sacos del Atlántico and Mejoradora S.A. (Mixed Ready), recently received this distinction.

And it is that, to receive this award, it takes commitment, hard work and dedication to improve the culture of health and safety within an organization. The International Safety Award not only recognizes the different actions that companies carry out to improve their safety and the work environment, but also motivates leadership within teams.

José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso, received the good news with great expectation, indicating that the different business units of the company have high standards in Occupational Health and Safety. «In our culture and in our leadership agenda, we always highlight the desired behaviors of every Progreso leader, which is why the company’s health and safety indicators are excellent, and we can compare ourselves with the best globally.»

Mike Robinson, Executive Director of the British Safety Council, congratulated Cementos Progreso, Agreca, Sacos del Atlántico and Mixto Listo for appearing on this distinguished list. “The British Safety Council applauds your discipline and achievements. These awards are a recognition of your commitment and hard work to keep your employees and workplaces free from injury and health problems.

Safe and sound

Having a safe places policy, in which all employees return home the same or better than when they came to work, is one of the actions that is added to different multidisciplinary activities aimed at promoting and protecting health.

Progreso and its business units have implemented more than 12 occupational health and safety protocols since 2020, guaranteeing the health of employees, the sustainability of the business and the functionality of operations.

This ties in with the British Safety Council’s vision, which is to prevent anyone from getting injured or sick because of their work, anywhere in the world.

Zero Accidents Vision

n terms of occupational safety, Progreso maintains strict compliance with its commitment «Zero Accidents», aligned with the axis of well-being. On April 28, this commitment will be reaffirmed publicly, to motivate all employees not to lower their guard on this important issue.

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