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45 years of Educating with values

Colegio Privado “Enrique Novella Alvarado”, cumple 45 años guatemala
Private School "Enrique Novella Alvarado" -ENA-, celebrates 45 years of training Guatemalans with ethics, skills and values.

Private School «Enrique Novella Alvarado» -ENA-, celebrates 45 years of training Guatemalans with ethics, skills and values.

The school rose on March 11, 1977 at the initiative of Enrique Novella Alvarado for the population of the Sinaca village after the 1976 earthquake. In its first stage it was called the Enrique Novella Alvarado school and in 1999 it was officially authorized as a Private School «Enrique Novella Alvarado».

During these 45 years, it has trained thousands of students, and at least 15 percent of Progreso employees in Sanarate have been trained in its classrooms.

One of its main characteristics is to have its own pedagogical model, where students are prepared in skills through productivity and entrepreneurship, in addition to receiving Cisco System certifications, courses in electronics and home electricity.

For Diego Rivas, a former student of the institution, studying at ENA provided him with a solid education, not only academic, but also civic. “Studying at ENA has represented one of the best experiences that marked my life as a human being and as a student. They gave me a comprehensive education where they taught me about different areas of knowledge but focused on strengthening the values ​​taught in my family”.

The model of the Private School «Enrique Novella Alvarado» provides training to be ethical leaders, supportive and committed to the development of their environment, which opens the doors to a better future.

Diego is currently studying Industrial Chemical Engineering at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala –UVG-, thanks to a scholarship provided by Cementos Progreso, Fundación Educación and UVG.

In 2018, a new location was opened in San Juan Sacatepéquez, near the San Gabriel Plant.

The institution is an academic benchmark, since the language and mathematics tests carried out by the Ministry of Education have been passed with satisfactory scores, placing the school in the top positions in the country.

The main achievement of 2021 for the ENA School was to continue operating under the 100% virtual modality and have a minimum dropout, provide its teachers with the necessary tools to provide the service with the expected quality parameters and achieve interaction with students and parents and family effectively. From this account, and the efforts made, 100% approval was obtained in the Academic Aptitude Tests among the graduating students of the school based in San Miguel. These results show the academic excellence that the school sustains during the pandemic.

Educating with values

The ENA school offers an educational model for the training of ethical leaders who are supportive and committed to the development of their environment. It attends from early education through high school.