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A positive company culture

We can define the culture of an organization as the sum of beliefs, norms, attitudes, values, assumptions and ways of doing things shared by members of an organization and are taught to new members. At Progreso, we have created a unique culture with an identity that trains employees as ambassadors of the company.

Cementos Progreso conducts itself with a Code of Ethics and Conduct Values ​​-COVEC-, through which values ​​are promoted to the staff and they are invited to live them and be an example of them. The integrity that people show is important. Being of integrity means being consistent with what one thinks and with what one acts, being respectful of the opinions of others, among other practices.

If, when we are discussing topics in a forum, and we conduct ourselves with respect, listen with empathy and are receptive to external opinions, we show respect, we are consistent with the company’s values.

Being upright is how we behave, how we do it. As individuals, we can show integrity in our daily lives, which translates into good results on a personal level and in our work environment, with our friends and with our community, showing the values ​​that are part of our behavior.

Acting with transparency is one of the values ​​that are part of our day-to-day life, leading us with the truth and making it our philosophy of life. Does it really create the conditions to develop a positive culture around us? Does it build trust? Well, when we are not transparent, we lose confidence in that fragile line.

I believe that this value encourages people to project themselves to others and that the company is seen with respect, and generates trust around the communities where we interact, with customers, with the families of employees, at a national level and that transcends borders for the businesses that are held outside of Guatemala.

It is also important to mention that mechanisms must be in place to support compliance with procedures that must be implemented to maintain an ethical culture.

If there are no procedures, it would not be achieved, since by not having clarity on how to resolve a conflict, the correct way of acting in any eventuality would be lost. Maintaining adequate communication is of vital importance, which translates into having adequate channels so that people can use them.

In general, being an upstanding person means showing by example of our actions that we conduct ourselves with transparency, being trustworthy, making this behavior our philosophy of life. What could we project as human beings if we do not conduct ourselves with the truth? How could we influence our families, our friends, our co-workers? In society in general, that respect and trust is gained day by day.

The feeling of doing good is very deep, of understanding that we can conduct ourselves with integrity in life and that this brings innumerable benefits to all.

By: Aura Marina Cirin, credit and collections manager

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