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A simple way to decorate your spaces with cement

Una forma sencilla de decorar tus espacios con cemento cempro progreso guatemala
Cement is an element that in recent years has become relevant for the decoration of spaces and homes. In this opportunity, we invite you to use molds that you no longer use and make unique pieces to decorate the corners of your house.

Today we invite you to create fun figures with bakery molds. For that you will need a mixture of mortar with sand, cement and water.


You must put in a bucket three measures of sand, a measure of cement, and water in the necessary amount so that it has a paste consistency. Mix well to achieve a good consistency.

Then you must look for the molds and it is very important to spread them with soap. Then the cement mix should be added and allowed to dry. Finally, carefully remove the mold and you will have your decorative pieces.

You can make letters, figures and everything that the molds that are no longer used at home.

There are a variety of molds, from Christmas to those used to make animal cookies.

Your imagination is the limit!

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