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Adolfo Gramajo, «My legacy is to train new professionals within and beyond Progreso»

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Adolfo Gramajo has worked at Cementos Progreso, since 1988, where he has held different positions within the company. He currently works as the Cement Business Unit Manager and was recently awarded the title of "Chemical Engineer of the Year".

His name doesn’t go unnoticed by new generations of engineers and plant operators. For 34 years, Dr. Adolfo Gramajo has led successful processes in the many positions he has occupied throughout the years.

The Chemical Engineers Professional Association along with Banco Industrial recently paid tribute to his career by naming him «Chemical Engineer of the Year», for his outstanding work as a professional and teacher.

I feel very happy to receive recognition through this award. I develop my profession in the academic field as a teacher at San Carlos University of Guatemala’s School of Chemical Engineering, and as a Chemical Engineer at Cementos Progreso”.

Since 1988, Adolfo Gramajo, has participated in a variety of processes, such as the reduction in variability of raw flour, clinker and cement, clinker mineralization, the Cielo Azul project which reduces environmental impact, «Petcoke» implementation as the main fuel source for ovens, reengineering of the pre-dosed plant, furnace performance improvement, and Clinker factor reduction, among others.

What advice would you give to the new generations that are considering Chemical Engineering as a profession?

That what you learn at the university is applicable to real industrial situations and can help improve processes. This affirmation does not only apply only to Chemical Engineering but also to all professional careers.

A True Family

One of the best experiences for Doctor Gramajo has been working for different units within the company. “I have no doubt that it was my best choice. At Cementos Progreso I found a true family, with a family work environment promoted by company owners and materialized by all the collaborators”.

Another of Doctor Gramajo’s roles, is teaching at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala’s Engineering Faculty, where he has taught since 1978. “Working at Cementos Progreso, and as a teacher is undoubtedly an important part of my life, which has allowed me to apply my chemical engineering knowledge to real industrial situations”.

When asked how he would like to be remembered, he doesn’t provide a moment’s hesitation in stating that his greatest legacy, within and beyond Progreso, is being a mentor to new generations of engineers.

A small personal portrait

Adolfo Narciso Gramajo Antonio was born on August 24, 1958, in Coatepeque Quetzaltenango, son to his parents Carlos Rubén Gramajo Samayoa and Josefina Antonio Escobar de Gramajo, and brother to Lilian Magaly. He is married to Erika Lizbeth Bauer Walter de Gramajo, he has 2 daughters, Elisa María and Lizbeth del Rosario, and 3 granddaughters whose names are Camila María, Chiara Lucia, and Mariana.

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