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Adolfo Morales: «I proudly wear the Cementos Progreso shirt»

Llevo con orgullo la camiseta puesta de Cementos Progreso Cempro guatemala voces
The history of the "Golden Eagles" is closely linked to the life and work of Adolfo Morales, who worked in the warehouse department for more than 25 years.

The Golden Eagles are the group of retirees from Progreso and their respective business units who, by carrying out different activities, preserve the spirit that distinguished them throughout their careers.

On this occasion, we are going to learn the story of Adolfo Morales, who was warehouse manager at the La Pedrera factory until 2012.

With visible emotion and joy, “Don Adolfo” says that he started work on July 2, 1988. “I started working in the warehouse area and I can tell you that I am very proud of the company and what it represents. Thanks to the work I did for 25 years, my children got ahead and I was able to build a better path.”

Don Adolfo is also one of the founding members of the «Golden Eagles» and is currently the president of this association.

Words from the heart

During the visit made by the Golden Eagles to Finca El Pilar, Flavio López dedicated a few words of thanks to the people who made the tour possible.

«We arrived in the morning at that nice and beautiful place, where we had such a good time, the El Pilar farm,» he says as part of the emotional message.

We leave you the images of the letter, so you can read and share it.

The origins

The first meetings began in a fast food restaurant in 2012. Don Adolfo remembers that little by little the group called more people who came to the meeting in the shopping center in zone 6, in the food area.

“Being an increasingly large group, Don Federico gave us the opportunity to meet at El Tablón, which became our final venue. Our group is a family and we feel very proud to have the opportunity to continue supporting each other”.

An example of perseverance

Don Adolfo started in the warehouse of what is now “La Pedrera” and his profession at that time was that of an expert accountant. «One of the main advances that I was happy to see was the construction of the curved roof of the warehouse and we were also pioneers in implementing the SAP system.»

In addition to modernizing and tidying up this site, he remembers that, thanks to constant training and constant improvement, he was able to graduate with a degree in Business Administration.

The data

Don Adolfo has 67 training diplomas that he received throughout his 25 years as a Cementos Progreso worker. Currently, he remains constant in the activities of the Golden Eagles.

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