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After a two-year wait, our on-site musical stimulation center has begun

Después de dos años regresaron las sesiones presenciales de musica guatemala cempro cementos progreso
The pandemic could not detain the commitment and work from Carlos F. Novella Foundation’s School of Music’s teachers, parents and students continued. Students belonging to this institution were able to begin their musical training.

The world has been facing a health crisis since 2020, but that did not stop the members of the Carlos F. Novella Foundation School of Music, who after two years began a new level of musical on-site initiation.

Although classes will continue online due to biosafety protocols, students and teachers will meet once a month throughout this phase.

The early level of musical initiation focuses on discovery and development of the child’s expressive, musical, and psychomotor abilities. During the program’s development a child chooses a musical instrument according to his/her preferences and aptitudes.

This level consists of two stages according to the student’s age.

The first one is from 0 to 4 years of age:

In this first stage, there is one session per week of early musical stimulation (in this age group classes do not involve teaching a musical instrument).

Stage two begins at 5 to 6 years of age, with one early musical stimulation session per week. In this process, children can choose from the following instruments: harp, violin, or piano.

Valuable Lessons

One of the most difficult challenges faced during the pandemic, was integrating early music initiation groups into an online format. This required innovative methodology development to get the children’s attention and to adjust musical initiation according to their developmental stages.

The program was strengthened due to online process and support for the school of music. The team implemented and adapted the online processes swiftly. Teachers’ commitment and parents’ confidence and support for the School of Music’s methodologies, also contributed to strengthening the program.

It is currently one of the areas with most students of the Carlos F. Novella School of Music.

Facebook, a place to meet

Our community meets virtually through Facebook. This social media channel has become the virtual meeting place where our community develops its activities. Currently, there are two private groups were more than 600 members (including parents) receive instructions and classes. With this we guarantee the continuity of the school’s education processes.

If you would like more information about this program, please send an email to: 


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