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An accessible housing project that will change zone 6

Altos 6 Un nuevo proyecto de vivienda accesible muvis progreso guatemala latam
Altos 6 is an innovative housing option that will be located at 16 calle 15-61 zone 6, in the Cipresales neighborhood. One of its most relevant characteristics is that this is the second project that is developed under the new Regulation of the Special Regime for the Development of Priority Housing, a regulation that has facilitated the creation of decent and affordable homes in Guatemala City.

Conceptos Urbanos, a real estate developer with more than 20 years of experience in the national and Honduran market, is the company in charge of carrying out Altos 6, a project that is part of the Urban Models of Sustainable Integrated Housing (MUVIS), their objective is to ensure that every day more families can access their own residence. Generating this offer in central areas reduces the time and cost of transportation, which, in turn, improves the quality of life of the inhabitants.

“One of the main challenges facing the country is to reduce the qualitative housing deficit. Thanks to Altos 6, we will be able to address this problem in a short period of time, providing families in the area with a home that has amenities and that adjusts to their current budget ”, explained José Solares, Market Development Manager, Cementos Progreso.

An urban concept

Andrés Guzmán, Marketing and Sales Manager at Conceptos Urbanos, explained that Altos 6 is aimed at families, married couples, cohabitants with or without children, single parents. “It is also aimed at couples who establish a promise of marriage or single people with dependents (children, grandparents, parents). We want to change the lives of the neighbors who live in the sector and have paid rent all their lives ”.

He also added that clients who wish to acquire an apartment must not have any property and their monthly family income must be greater than Q. 5 thousand 400 and not exceed Q11 thousand 300.

This project is in an accessible location, since in its surroundings there will be several supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries and public transport stops, which allows residents to easily travel to their jobs anywhere in the city.

Architectural features

This complex will have six levels, and in total there will be 34 apartments, each one will have between two and three bedrooms. The prices of these homes start from Q257 thousand 085 and buyers will be able to give a fractional down payment of Q13 thousand. The fees remain at Q1 thousand 998 plus Q395 for maintenance.

Unlike other projects, Altos 6 has unique amenities, since the first levels will have commercial premises, which can be rented so that the same people who live in the place, can have a business. In addition, it will have communal rooms, laundry, warehouses, its own cistern to guarantee water supply, and green areas that will allow families to enjoy the outdoors whenever they want.

Need more information?

For more information on Altos 6, you can call 2229-0308 ,  4393-0102 , send us an email, or consult more information on the website and on your profile from Facebook Altos6guatemala.