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Ana Miriam Obregón’s passion for strategy and leadership

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Behind the “Horcalsa” lime marketing strategy is Ana Miriam Obregón, manager of the lime business, who, in addition to leading and competing in the market for one of Progreso's oldest products, assumes her genuine leadership with responsibility and commitment

Ana Miriam defines herself as an orderly and proactive woman. Since taking on the challenge of designing Horcalsa’s marketing strategy, it has overcome a series of challenges in an industry where it has become an undisputed leader.

Recently, she participated in the IV Summit of Women Exporters, which became a space for women leaders and decision makers from Guatemala and the region, where she was one of the main speakers, speaking about the role of women in governance and ownership in family businesses.

Leadership is a topic that she knows very well, since from her beginnings as a technical advisor, she knew how to gain the trust of all the work teams in which she has participated. «Working in a place where empathy and leadership are promoted is important to be able to develop skills in all aspects.»

In an industry where it is not common to see women, Ana Miriam not only breaks that paradigm, but also proudly builds a space so that more women can appropriate those spaces. “I really feel very honored to belong to a company and a team that always strives to be better. We learn new things every day.»

Balance is the key

One of the keys to having a successful life is to have a balance between all aspects of life. This is how Ana Miriam understands it, knowing the value of work, family and time. “Women have enormous potential to be able to change course, we are increasingly involved in processes and jobs that until recently were believed to be exclusive to men. Being in tune with everything is essential to be successful and happy”.

To be a pillar of a business and a family is to be a woman of Progress.

Figures on the rise

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), 22% of executive positions in the world registered in 2021 were held by women. After the actions against the pandemic, it has been shown that success in the right direction has nothing to do with gender, but with factors such as emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and the ability to adapt and handle adversity.

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