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Cementos Progreso and CGP+L have been working together for seven years

Cementos Progreso y el CGP+L comparten siete años de trabajo en conjunto cempro
The Guatemalan Center for Cleaner Production (-CGP+L, by its acronym in Spanish-) recognized its joint effort with Cementos Progreso for the past seven years. This commitment aims to improve activities which favor higher efficiency within production processes.

Sustainability plays a fundamental role in all of Cementos Progreso’s processes, and for the past seven years, we’ve had a fundamental ally with whom we achieve exceptional results.

Luis Muñoz, the Guatemalan Center for Cleaner Production’s (-CGP+L) executive director, thanked Cementos Progreso and the institution he leads, for their joint efforts. He stated that Progreso and its various business units, are among their main allies. «We feel honored to build strong ties and create useful knowledge for both institutions. We know that working together has taken us far, and with the commitment from the teams we will achieve increasing success together.»

Gabriela Longo, Corporate Environmental Services Manager, indicated that: together with CGP+L, they have been able to develop successful projects, as well as multiple reports and studies which contribute to the industry and to increase production efficiency.

Project «Green Office», was designed for Centro Gerencial Las Margaritas, where we carried out a complete environmental audit related to water consumption, solid waste management, etc. We’ve also carried out specific audits regarding environmental and consumption factors, as well as having PROGRESO participate in different CGP+L forums, seminars, and congresses.

Recognizing the Path

For seven years, Cementos Progreso has placed its effort in ensuring the company’s long-term sustainability by improving its processes and production efficiency. «We believe in sustainable processes and alliances to make sustainability a path that we can all walk on and agree,» Longo mentioned.

Both institutions reaffirmed their commitment to continue working together and generating more and better replicable experiences other areas.

What is the CGP+L?

The Guatemalan Center for Cleaner Production -CGP+L-, develops and promotes the necessary conditions to foster local capacity for cleaner production use and related topics. It contributes nationally to efficiency, competitiveness, environmental compatibility, and social development of private and public organizations.

It currently leads Guatemala in the field of cleaner production, having significant technical experience improving the business sector’s competitiveness and environmental performance as well as other areas including the public sector and academia.

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