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CIO’s prepare for industry 5.0

José Serra CIO de Progreso participó en el foro en compañía de otros expertos nacionales cempro
As part of Tech Day Guatemala 2022, José Serra, Progreso’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), participated in the forum "The new industry 5.0". He discussed alongside other matter experts, what changes to expect as we adapt to new technologies.

Guatemala 2022 Tech Day kicked off in hybrid format, with José Serra, CIO of Progreso, Víctor Sagastume, CIO of Cervecería Centroamericana, and Erick González, CIO of Bowpi, presenting a discussion on industry 5.0 and its implementation challenges.

To achieve better results, new technologies will be dedicated to «polish» the relationship between machines and people. According to the digital version of ITnow magazine, in the world of technology, certain topics are becoming more and more standardized such as teleworking, cybersecurity, among others.

However, a new revolution is taking place, a new relationship with automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which propose a much more interesting take on the use of machines.

In this regard, José Serra explained that the new digital revolution that industry 5.0 represents will make industries and companies more efficient.

«As with any revolution, you become more efficient and effective. That was the focus of Industry 4.0, and 5.0 is no longer just about profitability, it’s also about becoming transcendental, keeping humans at the center, and sustainability be a pillar,» he said.

Technology experts agreed that the differentiating element in 5.0 is the relationship between humans and technology.

A clear route

Progreso and its different business units have a clear understanding of Industry 5.0, thanks to the implementation roadmap, which included various technologies, the IT department presented. In this regard, Serra commented: «We have key elements for an efficient digital transformation process and, above all, to continue forming part of the company’s sustainability pillar».

Progreso keeps all of its production, administrative, and financial processes at the forefront of technology.

What is the 5.0 industry?

The Industry 5.0 concept focuses on a strategy based on sustainability and circular economy. Priority is granted not only to environmental conservation and resource optimization, but also to people and solution development. It’s all supported by exponential technologies, that benefit people and respond to their needs.

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