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Culinary treasures uncovered in the conversation «Flavors with ancestral roots»

Guatemalan gastronomy is one of the richest in the continent. This is thanks to its fertile volcanic soil and its geographical location that allows for a great variety of microclimates.

Eight experts from the national culinary culture met at the «Flavors with ancestral roots that bring us together» conversation, who in the company of students, professionals and culinary professionals shared experiences and knowledge about the richness of the flavors and dishes of Guatemalan origin.

Olga de Chajón, chef from San Juan Sacatepéquez and expert in Pinol; Marta Hernández, artisan cook and entrepreneur from San Martín Jilotepeque with expertise in the preparation of SubanIk; Regina Aquino from San Sebastián Retalhuleu, expert in Chojín Bataneco; Mónica Anleu, chef expert in the preparation of Pepian; Aracely Carrillo from the city of Antigua Guatemala, expert in the preparation of Mole; Rosamaría Hurtarte, chef expert in Fiambre; Airón Castillo, chef from Huehuetenango, expert in Jocón and Dennis Roberto Chavarria, chef from Cobán, expert in the preparation of Kaq Ik, were the culinary experts present at the academic activity.

One of the activity’s main purposes was to strengthen participant’s knowledge of the free courses offered in San Juan Sacatepéquez and to heighten their understanding of Guatemalan gastronomy and dishes that are part of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Chef Mónica Anleu thanked the event organizers for promoting the academic discussion of the country’s culinary culture. «The event is a dream come true, thanks to all who made this important event possible because it unites us through our love for our beautiful Guate and our gastronomy.»

Stories of unique flavors

Guatemalan gastronomy is characterized by varied seasoning, inherited by generations in the different regions of the country. Each dish generally originates from the pre-Hispanic period and has a history of its own, which comes to light when it is tasted during patron saint and religious festivities, or in any family celebration.

With these activities, the Carlos F. Novella Foundation seeks to strengthen the participant’s knowledge. Many of them are new but others are former participants of the culinary courses in San Juan Sacatepéquez and the digital community. The foundation promotes the local culture, highlighting the identity of the gastronomy and culinary richness of the country.

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