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Do you know what the characteristics of a good transformational leader are?

Sabes cuáles son las características de un buen líder transformador cempro cementos progreso guatemala
A person who demonstrates the ability to inspire, direct, encourage, and lead a group to achieve common goals, is commonly referred to as a "Leader".

Transformational Leaders are those who, thanks to their characteristics, have the ability to inspire the group to not only follow in their footsteps but to lead by example.

Although good leaders have many qualities, the “Construcción Ciudadana» (Citizen Building) program has identified five in particular that are worth learning about.

  1. Encourages motivation and positive development.
  2. Focuses on authenticity, cooperation, and open communication.
  3. Provides ongoing training and mentoring.
  4. Fosters a community with clear values, priorities, and standards.
  5. Shares conviction and influences that creates deep change.


Nelson Guzmán, the Carlos F. Novella Foundation’s coordinator for the Construcción Ciudadana program, added the following: «A transformational leader is the one who inspires other leaders, from his or her authenticity and profound genius, to make the changes we wish to see in our environment; a transformational leader is capable of seeing opportunities within a crises and conflicts, practices dialogue faithfully, with a spirit of innovation and a compassionate human-to-human outlook».  

Do you want to become a transformational leader?

We invite you to be part of this wonderful experience. The live online course «Formador de Formadores” (Trainer of Trainers) is designed to strengthen didactic and training skills for teachers, leaders, and trainers of the 21st century.

Want to learn what it is all about?

You can review the information at the following link: 

What is the “Construcción Ciudadana” program?

It is a program that promotes community participation, mainly among women and youth. It seeks to become a vehicle for awareness, reflection, and citizen transformation. The program promotes values, attitudes, and behaviors rejecting violence, showing generosity, strengthening positive peace, and leading conflict transformation creatively through dialogue which occurs among individuals, groups, and institutions.

The fact

The Construcción Ciudadana Program belongs to the effort made by the Carlos F. Novella Foundation to raise awareness, reflection, and citizen transformation.

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