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Electronova achieves an exceptional customer service rating in 2021

2021 was a year of great opportunities and results for the Progreso energy unit, both nationally and regionally. Among Electronova's most important achievements, the exceptional rating achieved in customer service and the 31 percent expansion of the customer portfolio stand out.

One of the great objectives of companies is to guarantee the total satisfaction of their clients in relation to the products or services they provide. Electronova complied with all the service indicators for its clients, achieving a rating of 9.47 in commercial service and 9.81 out of 10 in technical service. This demonstrates the commitment to excellence and recognition for the quality of the solutions that the team presents.

One of the innovations carried out by the sales team was the incorporation of E-Consultations, a system created so that all relevant information is immediately accessible to all the company’s customers. The entry is by means of a username and password from the website, guaranteeing the security of the information.

The company’s team managed to launch this tool last September and since then it has become essential to improve communication with customers.

More clients in 2021

The energy demand of large users in Guatemala recovered, reaching 427 GWh (4%) above the demand for 2020, the first year of the pandemic. This growth volume is equivalent to 1.2 times the energy consumption of the San Miguel and San Gabriel production plants together.

This recovery scenario allowed a record number of 22 new clients to be reached (double the ammunt obtained in 2020), thus reaching a total of 71 clients in the commercial portfolio.

In addition, 2021 was the year of consolidation of the strategy of creating strategic counterparties in Mexico. This effort was led by the regional trading team and made it possible to improve import and export processes with our northern neighbor and also with Central American countries.

With firm steps

Electronova closed 2021 with the celebration of its 15th anniversary, consolidating itself as a benchmark in the energy market. The participation of the Progreso energy unit in the national market currently represents 13.28 percent.

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