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Ethisphere Institute of New York recognizes Progreso for the tenth consecutive year

This new award recognizes Progreso as one of the most ethical companies in the world for the tenth consecutive year.

On this occasion, 135 organizations from around the world were recognized for their unwavering commitment to business integrity by the World’s Most Ethical.

The honorees spanned 19 countries and 46 industries. Progreso was selected for the tenth consecutive time, marking a Guatemalan business culture milestone.

This award recognizes good practices and efficient processes that have been implemented by Progreso over the last 10 years.

«For Progreso, this recognition is received with great pride. We have worked to improve our internal processes, where we strive to have high-level policies and commitment. We are very proud of this new recognition,» said Christie Ippisch, Progreso’s Compliance Officer.

Ethisphere Institute of New York is a world leader in defining and advancing business, commercial, and ethical business standards. It performs the «Ethics Quotient» evaluation which appraises more than a thousand aspects of each participating company.

«Ethisphere performs an evaluation where corporate governance, leadership and reputation, ethics and compliance, environment, and social impact are measured with more than a thousand questions. In the end, the ethics quotient is generated,» said Christie Ippisch.

Better practices, better processes

For Christie, the improvements made across these 10 years to achieve the goal of having such an efficient and ethical organization, is the result of the commitment and dedication of all Progreso Team Members.

«The basis of this recognition is living according to our values, constant work, and commitment from every member of this family to maintain Progreso DNA in all our practices. Ethics and values are part of our life mission».

Progreso shares this recognition with world-class companies such as Fedex, Bimbo, IBM, HP, Intel, and others. From the beginning of the nominations, Progreso has managed to consistently receive this recognition.

«Since we integrated good practices in ethics and leadership at Progreso, we have managed to inject all our collaborators with the passion and commitment to live according to our values. All of us in this family carry the Progreso values everywhere we go.

The Phrase

«At Progreso we are committed to values, ethics and good practices in all areas. Our DNA is very strong and we are proud to carry it wherever we go.»

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