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Francisco Castañeda: «23 years go by very fast when you love what you do»

Francisco Castañeda lidera el proceso de expanción de Progreso
Cementos Progreso's Project Manager celebrated 25 years as a chemical engineer, and 23 years working for the company he calls his "second home".

Francisco Castañeda agreed to speak with us about his goals, achievements, and experiences working for Cementos Progreso.

Recently, the Professional Association of Chemical Engineers of Guatemala presented him with an award to commemorate 25 years of professional service, 23 of which have taken place in Progreso’s different facilities and plants.

«I joined Progreso when the company celebrated its first 100 years. From the different positions I’ve had the privilege of occupying, I can see the commitment and, above all, the optimal conditions the company provides to consolidate any professional career».

Francisco states that the company has become his second home and his new family. «In this time, I’ve seen how the unbeatable working conditions have turned into loyalty and passion for doing our jobs in the best possible way. Twenty-three years go by very fast when you love what you do.»

Projects and accomplishments

As a project manager, Francisco is currently responsible for executing and prioritizing different activities that the company carries out internationally.

One of the fondest memories he has of working at Progreso is winning the Granito Cinco Estrellas award with his team. “My team and I had been trying to win the award for a long time, and we finally achieved it, it became one of the greatest moments this great family has allowed me to experience«.

Although he is not considering retirement, Francisco is certain that in 10 years he will continue to learn and consolidate his career within the company. «In 10 years, I will have more experience and learning, as well as a lot of passion. I will use it to continually contribute to new generations that learn about this wonderful professional field.»

On his contribution to project management, he seeks to contribute his knowledge and experience to Progreso’s expansion efforts. «My grain of sand to support team EDN.»

Recognition of his professional career

Recently, the Guatemalan Chemical Engineer’s Professional Association celebrated the day of the Chemical Engineer 2022, and paid tribute to members who completed 50 and 25 years of active membership. In this event, Francisco Castañeda’s career was recognized, and Dr. Adolfo Gramajo (also part of the Progreso family) was awarded Chemical Engineer of the Year.

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