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Golden Eagles conquer the skies of Finca El Pilar

Águilas de Oro conquistan los cielos de Finca El Pilar guatemala
A total of 32 "Golden Eagles" flew over the sky of "Finca El Pilar", of Cementos Progreso, in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, to participate in a tour of its facilities where they tasted a series of agricultural products that are produced on site.

The Golden Eagles represent the wisdom and effort of a job well done. They are a group of retirees from Progreso and their respective business units that keep the spirit of collaboration and service alive.

This time, they toured Finca El Pilar, owned by Cementos Progreso, in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, where they carried out different activities to promote the unity and strength of the group.

José Leonardo Mendoza, manager of ODH services, indicated that this visit is the second activity carried out in the year. «We believe in these activities to strengthen the bonds of friendship and recreational activities as an encouragement for such amazing human beings.»

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This is one of the activities that the «Golden Eagles» will carry out to celebrate their tenth anniversary, which will be commemorated in November of this year.

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