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Guillermo Monroy: «Commitment to sustainability comes from our culture»

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As part of the 2022 CSR and Sustainability week held in Honduras, our Corporate Citizenship Manager Guillermo Monroy participated in the panel "Enterprise Risk Management; People First", where he shared the details of Progreso's sustainability strategy.

Along with other regional managers, Guillermo discussed how important are sustainability, corporate citizenship, and resilience as values are for Progreso, especially after 120 years.


«Our sustainability pillars have a solid foundation in our corporate values. Our Code of Ethics and Values is a reference to generate good practices in all our actions, and thereby create the triple bottom line of value: economy, society, and environment.»

One of the most important facts we have discussed during the past few years is the generation of open spaces for dialogue with different stakeholders.

What is CSR and Sustainability Week 2022?

The Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility, Fundahrse, is holding its «CSR and Sustainability Week», from May 23rd to May 27th in San Pedro Sula, under the name «Transforming Companies, Prioritizing People».

The aim of the event is to identify, from a sustainability perspective, the challenges and opportunities in the business environment that will allow actions to be generated to help ensure that no one is left behind in the region.

Unrelenting efforts

Guillermo also referred to the efforts that companies must make to face circumstances and adapt to adverse conditions.

«At Progreso, we make tireless efforts to ethically and proactively manage the impacts of our operations, in order to contribute to the country’s development. In this way, our sustainability strategy leads us to implement best practices, adapting them to our environments».

He also assured that interacting with different stakeholders is fundamental to take into consideration everyone’s expectations. «Part of our corporate citizenship lies in the importance of efficient and reliable communication channels. In addition, the processes of systematization, accountability, and documentation are fundamental to meet the social expectations that exist around our company».

In conclusion, our expert indicated that there are no magic formulas for being disciplined, and that values and responsibility will mark the path to success and corporate congruence.

The data

Guillermo Monroy unveiled that Progreso produces one of the greenest cements in the world, as the Clinker factor of our cement is 67.85%, compared to 75% of the world average.

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