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How do I choose the best concrete for my construction project?

como elegir concreto cementos progreso guatemala construccion
Concrete is one of the most versatile materials in the construction market. Using the right one in our construction projects and buildings, is vital for them to be able to last over time.

The key to choosing the right concrete is to consider what is to be built, as variations in strength and durability change significantly.

According to Gabriel Casasola, technical manager for Mixto Listo, there are five types of concrete currently in use. Concrete for slabs with access, concrete for slabs without access, concrete for inclined slabs, concrete for sidewalks and curbs, and concrete for strip foundations. Let’s get to know each one of them!


  1. Concrete slab with access: These are slabs that can be accessed by people, either by a future second level or simply by an open terrace. Its load capacity must be higher because it will have to carry people, furniture, flowerpots, among others.

  2. Concrete for slab without access: In this case it refers to slabs where people cannot access it, meaning that the slab will be the final roof and will not be accessible by stairs, in the same way that a second level is not contemplated. This concrete costs less and if there will be no additional use for the slab, it will help reduce construction costs.

  3. Concrete for sloped slabs: When a house design includes sloped roofs, i.e. sloping slabs, this concrete is ideal due to its consistency. This is , because it facilitates the placement process, and reduces cracking. Normally these roofs are known as 2-slope or 4-slope and their design favors architecture, space and ventilation.

  4. Concrete for sidewalks and curbs: Used for complementary jobs that do not require a structural demand.

  5. Concrete for floors and strip foundation: A houses foundation is critical because it supports the load and determines both the houses stability and durability. This type of concrete is used for the strip foundation and for floors in the garage and/or front and back yards due to its consistency.

So now you know, if you need help on a project, you will find expert advice at Mixto Listo at 1780 or through the following link:

A concrete type for every need

Mixto Listo has a broad portfolio of ready-mix concrete for construction. From conventional and specialty ready-mix concrete for industrial, infrastructure, commercial, and residential construction projects, to associated pumping and placement services according to project needs.