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Innovation and entrepreneurship at Sanarate, El Progreso’s first Entrepreneurial Fair

Twenty five entrepreneurs from Sanarate were part of the first municipality's entrepreneurship fair. During the previous months, they received different trainings that allowed them to make the necessary improvements and close the gaps to offer their products and services locally.

As a result of this inter-institutional effort between the Municipality of Sanarate, Intecap, Cooperativa Guayacán, and Cementos Progreso Planta San Miguel, the entrepreneurs obtained more than 12 thousand Quetzales in sales,. They also managed to change their vision and open their possibilities to cover an improved market in the municipality, as well as to turn the businesses into a source of household income.

As part of the strengthening entrepreneurs process, Ernesto Chavarría Rivadeneyra Institute -INEBECHR- students received 15 scholarships to be trained in the methodology -GIN- «Generate your Business Idea». The course lasted 80 hours and was given by Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad -INTECAP-. They presented at the motorcycle service fair,  fattening hens and laying hen eggs sale, food,  and livestock sale, clothing sale, facial cleansing products, electrical service, errand service, computer maintenance, artists’ merchandise, and product sublimation, which will allow them to have another income option at the time of finishing their diversified career.

The Sanarate entrepreneurs were trained with the Improve your Business, -MESUN- (40 hours) and Financial Management (40 hours) courses.  The lines of business were as follows: cakes and desserts, accessories for girls and personalized costumes, natural oils, food, handcrafted accessories, seeds, nuts, sale of women’s and men’s clothing, baked clay crafts, sale of cactus, succulents, pots, among others.

Transforming processes

Yuli Hernández, Sanarate entrepreneur and owner of «Tienda de Artesanías Mariposas Belén» said that this fair was of great benefit to her and her business.

«They have given us tools to improve from the image to the packaging, even to the service and this helps us to grow. This alliance between institutions has been very supportive of publicizing the products of all the participating businesses».

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