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«Islas de Aprendizaje» brings technology to entrepreneurs

One of Fundación Carlos F. Novella’s fundamental pillars is training people on different topics to improve their quality of life. On that note, understanding finance is crucial for new entrepreneurs to improve management of their microenterprises. This article will tell you how this initiative supports that.

Recently 35 entrepreneurs from San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala participated in the Isla de Aprendizaje or «Learning Island» program. The participants have been part of Fundación Carlos F. Novela’s (FCFN) programs before, and in this opportunity learned of new ways to acquire business knowledge.

On this occasion, the participants met at the San Antonio farm for two Fridays to learn about the Lean Canvas methodology. This process trained them to plan, project and evaluate their service quality, allowing them to acquire a strategic vision of their business, observe growth opportunities and create entrepreneurial thinking.

Entrepreneurs of all ages, and businesses, learned how to create a customer-driven experience, as well as raising product and service quality.

Thanks to the ADA -Aula Digital- Autónoma system (Autonomus Digital Classroom), participants have access to online audiovisual material, which dynamically reinforces their knowledge.

What is the Lean Canvas methodology?

The lean canvas methodology, is a startup-designed, businessmodel visualization tool. It focuses on the lean startup methodology, centered on generating new ideas, and putting them into practice. It verifies if the market is looking for those solutions.

Stories that inspire

Baking was Beatriz Guamuch’s ideal way of becoming an entrepreneur. Seven years ago in San Juan Sacatepéquez, she received sales training focused on cakes and deserts. «Thanks to Fundación Carlos F. Novella’s support we were able to start our business, and now with the Isla de Aprendizaje program, we will be able to improve bakery management.» she said.

Beatriz will soon begin a new challenge: selling local bread to expand her business.

Another participant of the program was Ana Elizabeth Rajchet, who has been running «Antojitos los Auténticos» for 26 years, a true reference in San Juan Sacatepéquez’s gastronomy. «When you are on the road of life you must keep learning, and the courses have helped us become more successful».

Ana Elizabeth’s business is now a family business. Seven days a week, the whole family makes their antojitos and take care of their customers.

Similarly, Andrea Ramírez began her training at FCFN more than 10 years ago. She began her business by making preserves and later specialized preparing different gluten-free flours.

«The entrepreneurship course was very important to be able to understand how businesses work, and how to improve them.«

The fact

Mipime’s Day is celebrated on June 27th to recognize the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the need to facilitate access to credit and financing within the Sustainable Development Goals framework.

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