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José Raúl González: «To be a great workplace you have to lead by example»

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During a conversation with regional businessmen, the CEO of Progreso explained that to become a Great Place to Work®, genuine leadership, discipline and, above all, being and feeling part of a large family is required.

José Raúl González, met with CEOs of different regional companies in a digital space organized by the magazine Strategy and Business, to talk about the formula for companies to be successful, sustainable and become those excellent places to work, strengthening the commitment of its collaborators.

The global health crisis led companies to reinvent themselves or lose the battle. Over the course of 2020, the narrative of work changed forever and thousands of workers faced their responsibilities from home.

Progreso began to mark a different path since then. With a great work team, it immediately implemented protocols so that 30 percent of the collaborators began to work in the «home office» mode and established strict sanitary protocols in the industrial plants.

On this, our CEO said the following: “The phrase “Progress does not stop”, emerged during the pandemic and in response to those actions. We learned as we went and none of our operations stopped. Since then, we have looked for ways to maintain that momentum and get the best out of a hybrid work format to reinforce our policy of work excellence.”

Great values ​​make extraordinary companies, and the Progreso culture has been vital, not only to be a resilient workplace, but to become a great family. Things don’t happen by themselves. To be a great workplace, you have to lead by example and perseverance is one of the qualities that have made us what we are. The formula is to be a family: the Progreso family”.

What is Great Place to Work® and why does it certify us?

It is a global data and consulting firm that helps organizations achieve better business results by focusing on the work experience of all employees. Through research, scientific and statistical instruments, the company measures the relationship between employees and the performance of companies in the world.

Great Place to Work® Tools

The position in the Great Place to Work ranking is not an individual or collective goal in the company’s scheme. Regarding the tools that Great Place to Work® provides to companies, our CEO indicated that they are essential for Progreso leaders to learn from other leaders in other companies.

“The surveys have enough granularity and are very well done. Great Place to Work® is an objective, neutral third party, and we would not be able to find the areas for improvement if we did not have this information crossed to create action plans, in our search for continuous improvement”.

For Paulo Preciado of Great Place to Work®, the challenge for companies is to meet the work experience and expectations of their stakeholders. «The companies that appear in our listings always have a huge opportunity to transcend as an excellent place to work.»

The phrase

«At Progreso we encourage communication, we have a permanent process of continuous improvement and this is a work tool that allows us to obtain global standards that strengthen work groups.» Jose Raul Gonzalez

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