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Planta San Gabriel obtains quality management certification – ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Planta San Gabriel obtuvo recientemente esta certificación guatemala cempro latam
ISO 9001 is the most widely recognized quality management standard in the world. It belongs to the ISO 9000 family and helps organizations meet the expectations and needs of their customers. Planta San Gabriel, located in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala recently obtained this certification and here we tell you all the details.

Planta San Gabriel´s commitment to achieving continuous improvement of its processes and pursuing the purpose of being «the preferred supplier» by increasing customer satisfaction, was reflected by obtaining the ISO 9001 version 2015 certification. For two years, managers and collaborators began the process that finally led them to certify every procedure carried out from the plant.

Considered a world reference, the ISO 9001 standard establishes fundamental principles of quality management that help organizations control and improve their performance to lead them towards efficiency, the excellence of their products and the optimization of their customer service.

These principles are: customer focus, leadership, staff involvement, process-based approach, management system approach, continuous improvement, decision-based approach, and good supplier relations.

Heber Barrios, manager of the Planta San Gabriel, assured that the work process began with an exhaustive review of the processes and the stakeholders. “It began with the analysis of the internal and external context, stakeholders, allowing the scope of the system to be determined, later policies and procedures were implemented, the management was carried out through the Entropy Platform. Selected personnel were then trained to carry out internal audits under ISO 9001:2015, in order to help prepare before carrying out the final external audit.”

In addition, Heber indicated that, to carry out the final audits, they had the support of the British Standards Institution (BSI) for the evaluation of the Management System through an external audit and its certification.

At the forefront of quality

The areas of raw materials, production, packaging and dispatch, maintenance, quality control, warehouse, social and supply, were directly involved to evaluate all the processes and finish them on time. There was also the support of the communication area and the coordination of the Management Systems for the socialization of the Standard within the plant.

And it is that the ISO 9001 standard establishes the requirements of a quality management system, which allows a company to demonstrate its ability to meet customer requirements and prove this ability to any interested party. The ISO 9001 certificate is the best recognized certificate at a general level.

ISO 9001: A customer-focused standard

The requirements specified in the ISO 9000 standards are generic and applicable to all organizations regardless of type and size. The company must define and manage the necessary processes to ensure that its products and services are in accordance with customer requirements. At the San Gabriel plant, the needs of the clients are decisive in all the actions that are carried out.

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