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Proverde: A story of efficient waste co-processing

Historia de Proverde cempro cementos progreso coprecesamiento de residuos
Proverde is a Cementos Progreso company that is committed to sustainability and the environment. It provides a specialized and reliable final waste disposal service, using co-processing technology in cement kilns.

In 2007, Cementos Progreso created an alternative resources unit that would later become Proverde, the business unit that specializes in the safe and efficient treatment of solid waste.

The evolution of the brand has to do with the growth of the volume and types of services provided. Initially, the Cementos Progreso logo was used, referring to the Alternative Resources Unit – AFRs-, as a sub-unit of the Cement division.

In that year, the unit became part of the Electronova Energy unit. Its functions were already consolidated in the treatment and co-processing of solid and liquid waste, including discarded tires in an increasing quantity, and a logo with the “Proverde” brand was created for the first time.

In 2016, Proverde disassociated itself from Electronova to become a new business unit of Progreso and also released colors in its logo, making clear the idea of ​​working for a cleaner environment.

Carlos Escobar, manager of Proverde, assures that values ​​and consistency have been pillars to achieve sustainable growth for the company. In waste management, especially when it comes to customers who buy our final disposal services, it is important to maintain a culture of genuine customer satisfaction.

In addition, Escobar assures that external clients also greatly appreciate the final disposal certificates that are delivered to them, backed by compliance with the relevant regulations and by world-class environmental practices.

About Proverde

Proverde is located at kilometer 46.5 Ruta al Atlántico (CA-09 Norte), Finca San Miguel Río Abajo, El Sinaca village, Sanarate municipality, El Progreso department, Guatemala. The process will soon be inaugurated at the San Gabriel Plant, San Juan Sacatepéquez and it works in alliances with the public and private sectors.

What do we do?

Proverde began as a contribution to the solid waste process within the San Miguel plant. In 2014 it became a brand, and since its inception it has contributed to the environmentally safe and adequate management of solid and liquid waste from different sources: plastic packaging, cardboard, paper, tires, textiles, expired medicines, among others.

From 2001 to 2021, more than 120 thousand tons of solid waste, more than 90 thousand tons of liquid waste and more than 45 thousand tons of tires have been co-processed.

Also, work has been done on different agreements to achieve an adequate classification and collection prior to the arrival of the waste at the facilities to be treated. This begins with the training of those involved, communication measures are implemented and collection, reception and treatment frequencies are established.

The company has clients in the public and private sectors, since its service, support and quality have made a difference. Clients receive training so that their staff can understand proper waste management and have better experiences in handling their waste.

The data

According to Carlos Escobar, manager of Proverde, the furnace located at the San Gabriel plant is ready to start co-processing whole tires, with innovative technology that only a few furnaces in the world have.