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«Recinos Inédito», cemento progreso’s tribute to the inexhaustible talent of Efraín Recinos

"Recinos Inédito" (Recinos unpublished), a compilation of unpublished writings that show a new facet -until recently unknown- of the emblematic Guatemalan artist, was presented as part of the National Theater’s framework. The National Theater is the main architectural work of maestro Efraín Recinos.

The life and work of maestro Efraín Recinos established a before and after in Guatemalan society. Thanks to his architectural, sculptural and pictorial interventions, the same effect was had on art and culture. During his lifetime he was proclaimed a multifaceted artist, with a grand trajectory with both national and international recognition.

«Recinos Inédito» is possible thanks to CAPIUSA Publishers and Cementos Progreso. The publication is a compilation of two limited edition books that contain the maestro’s essence. The first consists of a total of 11 short writings, duly illustrated, while the second contains a fictional story entitled «El Retrato» (The Portrait).

«For Cementos Progreso it is an honor to contribute to the rescue of an artistic-literary jewel of the great maestro Efraín Recinos, that will enrich our culture and history,» said José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso.

The curatorial work on Recinos’ writings was carried out by CAPIUSA Publishers, whose contribution to this partnership produces a publication which represents the author’s artistic value, not only for this country but for the world.

«This project took a little over three years to materialize. When Lorena Recinos told us about the existence of her father’s unpublished writings, we knew it was something that should be shared with the entire world. Thanks to Cemento Progreso’s support, we were able to publish his writings which are transcendental to the history of national art», added Oscar Méndez, director of CAPIUSA Publishers.

About the maestro’s work, Lorena Recinos comments: «In the last years of his life, my father explored his talent as a writer and created several short stories with their respective illustrations. He also wrote a fictional story, all of which have been in storage for more than ten years; finally, the time has come to show them to the world. This is his last legacy as an artist».

This talent, developed during the last years of his life corresponds to one of Recino’s little-known abilities. He left, on paper and ink, wisdom, knowledge, and creativity in a new legacy that is accompanied by drawings of his authorship.

Work comes to light

Recinos Inédito shows a little-known talent of the artist and is limited to 500 copies.

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