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Solidarity is found within the Raw Materials Section at the San Gabriel Plant

el valor de la solidaridad cemrpo cementos progreso guatemala
Solidarity is one of the most important values at Progreso, and we promote it daily through our actions and purpose.

The health crisis facing the world led humanity to rethink how they do things as well as their daily routines. When faced with the unknown, solidarity and resilience played a fundamental role in coping with the consequences of the pandemic.

When people began getting sick, the San Gabriel plant’s raw materials section set about the task of turning these circumstances into an opportunity to show solidarity.

Carlos Figueroa, the San Gabriel Plant’s raw materials manager, tells us that a group of employees spontaneously took the initiative to help. They collected food, groceries, and basic necessities from within their teams and delivered them those affected by Covid-19, with the message: «You are not alone, we are with you».

«Purchase and delivery of these supplies has always been done voluntarily and anonymously among the San Gabriel raw materials team; delivery is made to the door of the affected person’s home,» he says.

In addition, Figueroa says that the products are purchased and delivered using individual resources, outside working hours, with privately owned vehicles, and sometimes accompanied by family.

18 acts of love that multiply

To date, of the 28 members of the raw materials department, at least half have been directly affected by this disease which has generated worldwide concern, anguish, anxiety, and despair. All 18 people, without exception, have experienced how Progreso values are practiced.

Carlos Figueroa said he was proud and honored to lead a group of exceptional human beings, and to belong to a company where human beings are at the center of all its activities. «How can I not feel proud to belong to a company where the value of Solidarity is practiced at this level? How can I not feel that the company’s most precious resource is its human resources if we live by these values every day?”

An initiative that began in 2020

Since March 2020, the raw materials team has been genuinely performing this act of solidarity and love which has strengthened and encouraged 18 employees.

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