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Sustainability, the road to follow for the concrete industry

Within the Third Ibero-American Congress on Precast Concrete’s framework held in our country, Manuel Lascarro, director of the Ibero-American Federation of Ready-Mixed Concrete -FIHP-, spoke to Granito de Arena about sustainability and climate variability.

Sustainability is a top priority issue for the regions concrete industry, and Manuel Lascarro knows this very well. The Colombian expert understands that in order to achieve the industry’s decarbonization goals by 2050, firm steps must be taken to invest in technology and generate public-private partnerships.

«Concrete is one of the most resilient elements out there, and our role is to understand that the industry’s only way forward is sustainability, investment in technology, and to generate partnerships which establish clear rules.»

In addition, the expert assures that another great challenge is formalizing construction in our countries. «When we talk about formalization, we talk about having clear and efficient processes, that is, legislation which regulates the way we currently build».

The concrete industry is doing its part by using state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing processes of all products on the market, making great efforts to reduce climate variability.

Resilience and planning come hand-in-hand

Generating a positive impact on building codes is a priority for Lascarro: «We must invest in planning, to understand the existing risk and transfer these specifications to those involved in the construction of new projects«.

Efficient use

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) estimates that by 2050, the region’s population will be of 779 million. The demand for cement and ready-mix concrete will increase, and the industry’s challenge is to find solutions which satisfies the market in a sustainable manner.

Lascarro comments: «It is very important that industries use alternative fuels, invest in technology, and explore solutions with aggregates to make concrete a more efficient and resilient product. For Guatemala, Progreso has certifications that turn the company into a global benchmark in production, and the pursuit of sustainability.

Many challenges face the industry, and therefore it must work together to find solutions to common problems. The search for these solutions will ensure a balance between economic growth, respect for the environment, and social welfare.

«The combination of efforts is key to the industry’s transformation, and in the coming years, governments, together with industries, have the possibility of implementing this learning process.»

About the Precast Congress

The Third Ibero-American Congress on Precast Concrete was held in Antigua Guatemala. The following topics were addressed: production technical standards and sustainability, precast concrete construction, criteria for the seismic design of precast structures, among others.

The phrase

«Construction is one of mankind’s most ancient activities, it has improved our quality of life for over 175,000 years.»

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