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The environmental compliance course was completed successfully

El curso fue desarrollado por el DEGA, y facilidatado a estudiantes y profesores de la URL guatemala cempro cementos progreso
Progreso’s Strategic Environmental Management Department –DEGA (by its acronym in Spanish)-, permanently works on protecting the environment and generating academic studies and content.

The lecture, with the participation of professors and students from Universidad Rafael Landívar -URL- Law School, used different academic resources and the virtual simulator on environmental compliance in Guatemala, a tool that has trained more than 80 students on the subject.

Technical aspects were theorized. These aspects must be complied with at an environmental level, and are scattered among various regulations and institutions charged with ensuring their compliance.

Ten models have been currently developed on the following topics: hydrocarbon management, construction material mining, PCB management, cultural heritage, forestry management, environmental licensing, protected areas, territorial reserves, energy management, and wastewater management.

For three months, both students and professors studied the specialized course, which culminated participation certificates being handed out and several testimonials from the students.

Fred Manuel Batlle Ríos, Professor of Bachelor’s Degree in Legal and Social Sciences, commented on course’s methodology and format. «I really liked the format, the information presented is quite up to date. As a specialist in environmental issues and legal advisor to INAB for more than nine years, I was able to update my knowledge».

New tools

The course was described by users as a modern, didactic, and futuristic tool that allows students to acquire specialized knowledge in environmental matters. Its content will allow them to apply technical criteria on the proper interpretation of environmental regulations.

Ericka Nathaly Mollinedo, a URL student of a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal and Forensic Investigation, commented on the importance of using audiovisual material in this type of process. «I consider that all the audiovisual and support material was previously evaluated and prepared to cover what was crucial, excellent courses, very enriching».

Do you know what DEGA is?

The Strategic Environmental Management Department (DEGA) is in charge of coordinating and monitoring the different teams deployed at the facilities to protect the environment. DEGA has a robust internal environmental auditing process to ensure regulation compliance, in accordance with national law and the company’s internal standards.

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