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The Industria y Negocios (Industry and Business) magazine highlights the career of Cementos Progreso CID Manager, Luis Velásquez

Revista Industria y Negocios resalta la trayectoria de Luis Velásquez cid cetec guatemala cemrpo cementos progreso
In its June publication, Industria y Negocios Magazine paid tribute to Cementos Progreso Research and Development Center manager –by its acronym in Spanish, CID-, Luis Velásquez.

Industria y Negocios magazine recently published an overview about Luis Velásquez, Cementos Progreso Research and Development Center manager, CID-.

For the last decade, Velásquez has devoted himself to research and problem solving. He has used the best technology and resources available found at the CID’s CETEC laboratory, to serve and provide technical solutions for Progreso’s customers and business units.

CETEC is a laboratory with one of the best infrastructures in the country, and is the only one in the region that supports research and knowledge of construction materials. In addition, it was the first to be certified under the ISO 17025 standard, with 31 tests accredited and recognized by the Oficina Guatemalteca de Acreditación (Guatemalan Office of Acreditation).

This certification confirms that the laboratory is equipped with the necessary technical competence to carry out the most diverse tests and experiments.

We have a series of available tools for internal and external customers, to diagnose, learn, and propose new and innovative solutions. Compared to other laboratories, ours is well above any other in Central America, due to its high potential and capacity,” Velázquez said in the publication.

Innovate to grow 

Industria y Negocios emphasizes that CETEC’s vision is to be the referent technological center, leader in construction materials research, and development for the region. It will provide Progreso the necessary tools to maintain its leadership, competitiveness, and sustainability through innovation in products, processes and technical training.

To continue its innovation legacy in the country, CETEC began a concrete printing project three years ago. “We have a COBOD 3D printer, with it we seek to print concrete structures, urban furniture, and, possibly, housing modules. We began to venture into new construction systems that could become an alternative to achieve a sustainable future in the cement business”, Velásquez said during the interview. 

This and other initiatives shape innovation processes that can promote problem solving. Progreso permanently supports them to offer clients, and society in general, areas where they can research, create, and develop innovative ideas.

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In order to read the original publication, you can use the << following link >>. It will take you to the Industria magazine, a publication from the Guatemalan Industry Chamber.

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