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«The Transformation is in Me», the program of values ​​to which Progreso joins

La transformación está en mí john maxwell COMUNICADO MECANICA GP COLABORADORES
Transformation is one of the capabilities that defines genuine leadership. The capacity for resilience and evolution is vital to positively influence our entire environment.

A total of 164 Progreso collaborators form the first group of graduates of the “Transformation is in Me” diploma course in values, with the support of the Guatemala Prospera organization.

This training process is based on principles and values, with an emphasis on leadership and seeks to generate profound and positive changes in the lives of citizens, so that they can influence their families and especially the society that needs it so much.

This course aims to promote personal growth and transformation through the strengthening of 15 values ​​and 15 laws, which are developed over 30 weeks, including: the laws of intentionality, conscience and perseverance, as well as the values responsibility, punctuality, respect and humility, among others.

The participants shared their experience and their learning, in an emotional virtual closing ceremony in which Thomas Dougherty, president of the board of directors of Progreso, dedicated some emotional words to the collaborators.

“We also concentrate on the living part of the values. Because it is not just about building the country in which we all want to live with cement and concrete. It is about taking the best of ourselves and using that vision to be better citizens and people. That is why I feel happy, because you have decided to be part of a comprehensive change in favor of all of us who are part of this great family”.

Genuine leadership with Mariano Rivera

As part of the recognition axis of our leadership agenda, five collaborators (group facilitators) who finished the Guatemala Prospera diploma were invited to be able to accompany and ask questions of the player. Rivera shared with them the values ​​and leadership behaviors that they brought him throughout his career to achieve the success he experienced as a baseball player.

Do you want to see this interesting conversation with the five-time champion of the baseball world series? We invite you to see it through the following link.

Testimonials that build

Elisa Archila works in the monitoring and evaluation area of ​​the Carlos F. Novella Foundation and was one of the program’s graduates. She and her work team understood that collaborative work is decisive to obtain a commitment to the result.

“All the values ​​and laws made us aware. Our work is with people and communities, and we know that we can share this learning with other people so that they also experience this transformation; that experience of change that we have today”.

Mariela Reyna now understands that the desire to build herself in a better way must be constant. “We had a desire to learn and grow personally. During this time, we had the opportunity to meet new people who add value to our lives. Personally, I had the opportunity to interact more with those I already knew and to meet new people who now add value to my life.”

Jorge Villanueva, thanked for the promotion of these programs, which fulfill the fair cause and transcendent purpose of Progreso. “Change starts from oneself, from home, from work, and in people’s circles of influence. In this course, I have had the opportunity to have a deeper growth and knowledge of that person who is on the other side of the mirror”.

Where does this program come from?

It was born from the hand of the speaker and writer John c. Maxwell, who hand in hand with Guatemala Prospera, supports the leadership training of thousands of Guatemalans.

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