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This is how we live solidarity in Chiachal, Alta Verapaz!

Voluntariado Alta Verapaz Construyendo nuevos inicios Guatemala cempro cementos progreso
Throughout 2021 and 2022, we volunteered to build 56 houses in the Chiachal hamlet, municipality of San Pedro Carchá, in collaboration with the Techo organization.

The houses were built to provide housing for families affected by ETA and IOTA storms. The houses were built using a working-through-networks methodology and with a panel block construction system.

The project, called «Construyendo Nuevos Inicios” (Building New Beginnings), involved Banco Industrial and Cementos Progreso volunteers, who along with neighbors and municipal personnel were able to build a new community.

The voice of our volunteers

Hector Villanueva and Deborah Gonzalez are Progreso collaborators and volunteers for this noble cause. Participating in such an important project not only gave them a wonderful experience but also a better understanding rural community’s needs.

Deborah works as an occupational physician and tells us how she lived the experience. «I lived solidarity in a different way, since it was not only giving my time, but also being able to share with the families, serve as an instrument for their new homes, and be part of a new beginning for all the families.»

For Hector, OH&S auxiliary coordinator, serving others is a duty to which we are called. «Serving others was an excellent experience. It highlighted teamwork and solidarity

Volunteers expressed their satisfaction regarding participating in this project. «What we enjoy most about these volunteer activities is the closeness with the people, and being able to give them quality time,» they said.

Through their effort and dedication, 56 families have a new home, a new beginning, and a new opportunity.

Construyendo Nuevos Inicios (Building New Beginnings)

The Project began November 15th 2021 and ended in April of this year. The 36sq m homes have two bedrooms and a common living area, solar energy, and a rainwater collection system.

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