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Training our cement technicians at Cementos Progreso Belize

cementos progreso belice forma tecnicos en cementos durante 2 semanas en el laboratorio cempro
As part of Progreso's professionalization and training process, technicians from the Research and Development Center (CID, by its acronym in Spanish) trained our Belizean laboratory personnel during three weeks at our Belize headquarters.

Training and updating processes are crucial at Progreso. For this reason, several technicians recently traveled to Cementos Progreso Belize for a theoretical and practical training in the cement manufacturing control laboratory.

The Technical Skills Development program for laboratory personnel, increased both knowledge and skills of Belizean employees. The training lasted three weeks and included trial runs and process training.

For this purpose, technical counsel and support was requested from the Research and Development Center. They designed a training plan and sent two experts in laboratory management and test execution to develop the laboratory technical staff’s skills, in order to establish laboratory process and equipment improvement.

In total harmony and practicing Progreso’s culture as a vital component, the Guatemalan and Belizean teams worked tirelessly.

In addition, they worked on the approach to service, the customer, commitment to results, development, welfare, among others. They also displayed signs of genuine leadership throughout the project.

One team

With this exchange, it has been proven that Progreso’s culture does not have barriers, borders, languages, nor nationalities; when the axis of the leadership agenda and COVEC values are applied, language, traditions, and challenges become common for everyone.

Working in a technical and organized way, shows that passion is one of the most representative elements of Progreso’s teams, wherever they are and wherever go.

In Belize we work with passion

One year ago, Cementos Progreso inaugurated a cement plant in Belize, with an annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons and an investment of US$8.2 million.

Even though operations started in 2013 by sending materials from Guatemala, the plant was inaugurated in June of 2021. It produces general use cement of 4 thousand 60 psi resistance and structural cement of 5 thousand 800 psi.

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