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Estos lavamanos son pioneros en el proceso de reciclar agua cempro cementos progreso guatemala

Transcending Innovation: Environmentally friendly sink for COVID prevention

Con el apoyo del CENCA exestudiantes lograron realizar un modelo eficiente de lavamanos ecológicos guatemala cempro cementos progreso
During 2020, the pandemic brought out our creativity and resilience. For example, as part of their technical training, Centro Educativo Estuardo Novella Camacho (CENCA) students in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, created an environmentally friendly sink. It’s now used in many places to improve sanitary conditions in many communities.

Hygiene is fundamental to the continuous fight against Covid-19 and other diseases. In 2020, a team led by Professor Fausto Ventura, sought an efficient way to recycle water.

«The idea for this system was born with the pandemic. Washing stations were needed in all possible spaces, and this led us to build a sink. The sink recycles water that can be used for other purposes.

The sinks mechanism has a jet which activates through pedals to have greater control over the amount of water and soap used in the appliances.

The water falls into containers that are used for other purposes such as toilet water and outdoor washing.

Weld and create

Felix Amilcar, a CENCA alumnus, was responsible for welding the prototype, and then producing the washers under an efficiency scheme. «The biggest challenge in creating these new sinks was welding them. The pieces must be aligned and Felix lead the welding project thanks his welding knowledge.

«I feel very fortunate to be part of CENCA, and to be able to place my knowledge to serve the community,» he says.

Currently, the hand wash basins have been installed in several educational centers in town and the capital city.


The Centro Educativo Estuardo Novella Camacho (CENCA) is a flexibleeducation model that allows people who were excluded from the traditional education system to complete their studies. This model includes technical job training areas such as electricity, cooking, baking, computers, among others.

In 2021, 152 students graduated from high school ( Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras) with specialized studies on Entrepreneurship and Productivity. There were 67 students from El Progreso and 85 from San Juan Sacatepéquez.

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