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Two new infrastructure projects were inaugurated in the department of El Progreso

Two new infrastructure projects were inaugurated in the department of El Progreso cempro cementos progreso agreca
With the neighbor’s enthusiasm, and employee dedication, the “Communidades Prósperas” ("Thriving Communities") initiative recently delivered two new projects: El Plantón Cucajol and Aldea San Miguel Conacaste, both located in the department of El Progreso, Guatemala.

Cementos Progreso and its different business units work hand in hand with the communities, to build prosperity with participatory formulas that seek the common good.

San Miguel Plant, with community leader and authority’s support, recently inaugurated two projects in the communities of El Plantón Cucajol, San Antonio La Paz and the San Miguel Conacaste village, located in the Sanarate municipality.

Both infrastructure projects are part of a combined effort among authorities, leaders, community members and Cementos Progreso.

Improving access to the Cucajol community

On June 7th, 680 meters of rigid pavement were delivered to Cucajol, which was used to improve Cucajol’s Main Street.

The project was prioritized by the community, planned with the municipality, and supported by Cementos Progreso. Phase I’s excellent results and successful completion of three phases, as well as the palcing of 680 meters total of pavement, motivated the municipality to increase the projects resources.

People who live in the village, nearby hamlets and relatives living abroad, joined the process. Together they built a wide street stretching over 6 meters in width. It directly benefited 350 neighbors, surrounding areas, and more than two thousand people who visit the area to enjoy the Los Plátanos river.

Retaining Walls reduce risk at San Miguel Conacaste

Recently, a lateral retaining wall and a wall behind the soccer field was given to the community. These projects protect two important streets from collapsing, providing safety to children and young people who use the area as a sports field.

The first wall is 65 meters long, and the second is 66.5 meters long. A total of 432 cubic meters of cyclopean wall were used, providing better environmental conditions. This project eliminates the risk of rainfall-provoked damage or structure collapse.

The San Miguel Conacaste soccer field annually hosts two soccer championships, with 48 participating soccer teams. This activity provides income to the local economy.

With these actions, «Together we are building the country where we want to live».

The fact

During 2022, Progreso and Planta San Miguel have delivered seven infrastructure projects. These are located in the department of El Progreso and benefit the same number of communities. These projects have been planned and built under a public-private partnership model.

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