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We are the Champions. Progreso wins the worldwide eHealth Challenge!

Los equipos de Progreso lograron el primer lugar en todas las categorías eHealth Challenge
Discipline and perseverance helped Progreso’s teams to win the physical activity challenge, eHealth Challenge, the world greatest online inter-company Olympics.

For six weeks, a total of 20 companies from 19 countries participated in the eHealth Challenge, the categories were cycling, walking, running, swimming, and daily physical activity (steps).

347 Progreso employees, and its different business units, swept the ranking in the Kilometers category for companies with more than 1,000 employees. In total, our teams achieved the historic mark of 100,228 kilometers, equivalent to 2.5 laps around the world.

For Mario Orellana, Cement and Construction Materials division Manager, participating in swimming was a rewarding experience. «It was a challenge, a team and a life challenge. There were days when it was too foggy to swim, this experience helped us train our minds and maintain discipline at all times».

Mario says that all his family is now committed to better habits and keeping up constant physical activity.

Olga Espinosa, Carlos F. Novella Foundation’s project coordinator, participated in the daily activity category. Her results gave her satisfaction and pride. «The challenge motivated me to exercise twice a day. Since then, I’ve have been walking more than 10,000 steps a day».

Olga says that her fitness level greatly improved, and now she has created the habit of exercising five times a week.

Wellness axis

Sidey Castillo, OH&S dietitian, was the project leader and tells us about the challenge’s main achievements. “We were able to increase the number of collaborators that comply with the OMS physical activity recommendation. Participants also reported intangible benefits, such as stress level reduction, mood and fitness level improvement. It was helpful to regain the habit of exercise as a way of life”.

Congratulations to all the participants!

Value to life

93% of the challenge participants claimed that taking part in this activity provided value to their life.

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