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We celebrated tree day with the inauguration of our environmental program

En áreas aledañas a San Juan Sacatepéquez, con vocación forestal se sembraran los árboles cempro cementos progreso Guatemala
In Progreso, we commemorated International Tree Day by expanding our reforestation efforts in the communities surrounding San Gabriel Plant.

On June 28th, the «Programa Forestal 2022” [Forestry Program 2022] was launched. It belongs to a community strategy and contributions that Progreso makes mainly in the municipality of San Juan Sacatepéquez.

In coordination with local authorities and social organizations, 100,000 forest trees will be re-planted in 90 hectares of forest-potential land. This provides a positive impact on water source conservation, soil erosion prevention, and environmental condition improvement.

Providing forest pylons comes with forest management training, and technical support from Agrobosques personnel, to enhance the program’s success.

Establishing partnerships with local and community organizations, is key to achieve this objective. Organizations lead the project to ensure the program’s long-term impact.

In this way, we were able to establish business-community alliances to face the main environmental challenges and, by doing this, build together the country where we want to live.

A commitment to Guatemala

Cementos Progreso has made environmental conservation part of its social responsibility policy. Since 1930, the company has implemented reforestation processes, as well as founding the Agrobosques reforestation program in 1985.

The use of common species to the reforested sites is essential to the program, to help use and care for the trees while reducing environmental impact.

History and commitment

Progreso’s history is closely linked to the country’s agricultural and forestry activities. Carlos F. Novella never removed the importance of this industry within his strategic vision. Therefore, for more than 100 years, we have been reforesting the country with passion and commitment.

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