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We implement actions to protect carriers who work alongside us

One of the most important mechanisms implemented in the transportation area in conjunction with the OH&S department was the biosafety protocol so pilots who work with transportation fleets protect themselves and continue with all prevention measures to avoid Covid-19 infections.

Juan Pablo Lemus, administrative chief of transportation at Progreso, assured that one of the first actions implemented to protect the integrity of carriers who work for the company, it was activating a specific protocol. “For the transportation area, protocols were defined alongside OH&S. The document reflected all the measures, recommendations, and care (in case of contagion) that should be implemented by the transport services that provide the service to the company”, he indicated.

The main actions implemented consisted of creating a follow-up network to find out who the pilot had contact with. «This action and adapting the annual prevention plan together with guaranteeing compliance allowed us to be efficient and significantly prevent infections.»

In the transportation area, it is essential to guarantee compliance with the prevention and follow-up protocols for cases that have arisen. «Each pilot has a kit in his transport unit that includes antibacterial gel, masks and cleaning supplies to keep the unit clean, mainly doors, dashboard and rudder.»

Archive - 2017
Archive - 2017

An achievement in health

According to Lemus, the main achievement of the transport unit was to protect the health of more than 800 pilots, their families, and meet the demand for the products that Progreso sells in its different distribution centers. “These Achievements are added to the innovations that we implemented, such is the case of communication and training forms via WhatsApp with the pilots, controls and biosafety stations in the plants, awareness about vaccination, achieving at the end of 2021 a 94% of the fleet of vaccinated pilots” he highlighted.

The «Professional Driver’s League” carried out more than 4,500 inspections of the units in 2021, guaranteeing the operation of heavy transport, this league is an initiative developed to train members of the transport fleet working for Progreso. In addition, they held coaching sessions to motivate carriers.

The data

The fleet working for Progreso has traveled a total of 20 million 337 thousand 257 kilometers in the year 2021, an equivalent to going around the earth 508 times.

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