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We support Huehuetenango Volunteer Firefighters by improving their facilities

Apoyamos a los Bomberos Voluntarios de Huehuetenango para mejorar sus instalaciones cempro cementos progreso guatemala
Committed to institutions who serve, Cementos Progreso made a donation to the 17th Company of Volunteer Firefighters of the department of Huehuetenango’s capital city.

A total of 100 sacks of cement were delivered to the Volunteer Firefighters to improve the rescue workers’ facilities.

Construfacil team members made a delivery of cement to said facilities located in the capital city of Huehuetenango.

Officer Henry Palacios expressed his gratitude regarding the contribution, stating that it would greatly support the renovation work currently taking place for the building.

«We want to give thanks for delivering the cement so that we may continue to work on our station. We are committed to continue serving Huehuetenago and other surrounding communities.

Victor Quixtán, Progreso’s Social Management Manager, said that the company maintains an excellent relationship with different social sectors, and Huehuetenango is no exception. «We believe that being empathetic and supportive, is the first step in generating stable and lasting relationships with institutions that support Guatemalan society.

Being good neighbors

At Progreso, we promote partnerships and foster community development capabilities, to grow together with the communities that neighbor our operating sites.

For this reason, our values and sustainability pillars rely on being good neighbors.

With this donation, we confirm our commitment to building together the country where we want to live.

The fact

Currently, the 17th Company of Huehuetenango volunteer firefighters serves the department’s capital and more than 10 surrounding communities. A 20 members of this rescue force remain on duty in the facilities which are under construction.

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