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We support the #RetoMARN initiative by donating 150 thousand trees

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Cementos Progreso delivered 150 thousand trees alongside the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Mario Rojas Espino, to support the #RetoMARN initiative.

This donation includes 132,430 coniferous and 17,570 broadleaf species, which will cover 135 hectares with trees.

This initiative aims to protect the country’s biodiversity and ecosystems, and invites different sectors of society to commemorate World Environment Day.

Juan Ramón Aguilar, Environmental Management Manager, said, «This donation ratifies Cementos Progreso’s intention to help recover Guatemala’s forest coverage and contributes to safeguarding the environment. Our efforts are a grain of sand which to helps fight deforestation and mitigate climate variability.

He added that Cementos Progreso has environmental management immersed in each of its operations, falling in line with one of the pillars of its sustainability strategy: to become an environmental leader in Guatemala.

Minister Mario Rojas Espino expressed his gratitude to Cementos Progreso for having accepted the #MARNChallenge and for being part of the strategic partnership created to reduce deforestation in the country.

We generate value with our actions

Cementos Progreso works to generate economic, social, and environmental value in each of the countries in which it operates, with the firm purpose to: «Build together the country where we want to live». As part of its environmental policies, it maintains a solid commitment to sustainability and reforestation processes in the region. It was the first company to accept the #RetoMARN invitation.

This challenges’ objective is to increase and recover the countries forest mass. It is worth mentioning that reforestation is everyone’s task and that small actions generate great changes.

The fact

The donation will enable 135 hectares of land to be reforested in different parts of the country.

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