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With SAP RISE we invest in innovation and new technologies

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SAP RISE is a technology and service bundle that provides everything needed for transformation. This new system will be implemented at Progreso, supporting our organizations digital transformation by adopting new cloud technology.

Progreso and its different business units, constantly search for solutions and process updates, seeking continuous improvement.

TI Progreso’s main objective is to accelerate and support the development strategy. It also contributes to its transformation through technology, with RISE and SAP system migration, which will allow system migration into the RISE cloud. This will foster economic benefit and increased flexibility with SAP licensing.

IT experts are aligning the equipment alongside 130 key users who are currently testing new technology within the different business units.

Progreso continues to focus on «Digital Transformation», as this allows for new technology adoption in the future. This will improve and differentiate the business from competitors, in a cost-effective, and new way.

«We believe that being one of the first companies in the region to evolve from the cement industry to having a system in a SAP RISE cloud, with AWS, will facilitate regional growth, improve long-term maintenance costs, and expansion to other countries,» said Hugo Bran, IT infrastructure manager at Progreso.

What are the benefits?

The initial benefit is complete SAP system migration to the cloud. This will facilitate system access, improving availability, minimizing risk and increasing security.

The RISE project is an opportunity for Progreso to lead digital transformation in a strategic way.  It will have its ERP and HCM system located in the cloud, and with -Disaster Recovery-anticipating the competition. They will continue as pioneers within the Cement industry.

The system provides strategic information on process performance, as well as identifies the best ways to use advanced analytics, and robotic process automation, to improve operations.

It allows for simple integration to any other SAP solution from a partner or a third-party.  It uses the same data model and business services as SAP applications, to derive new insights and value from business data. This makes regional expansion processes easier and more efficient. 

We develop the Ciudad Pedrera project (Pedrera City) in zone 6, by having the data in a RISE and AWS private cloud and we optimize physical spaces. 

SAP RISE provides more opportunities in the future, greater connectivity, and better long-term economic sustainability for Progreso.

Project progress

At present, the design, planning, execution, and migration of cycles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Sandbox, Development, Quality, Dry Run, Production) are already in place. The project will be officially launched in mid-July».

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