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Would you like to learn more about Ciudad La Pedrera? Come and visit us!

La Pedrera is preparing for its next transformation. For more than 100 years, the industrial vocation of this space became an essential part of the national economy, and soon will become an innovative real estate development project.

The project was conceived with environmental sustainability and community living spaces to enjoy a modern neighborhood life.

To learn more about our City, we have set up a visitor center kiosk in front of the Nuestra Señora de Lourdes Chapel, at La Pedrera Garden in zone 6. This space is designed to share the vision and principles of Ciudad La Pedrera, and to comment on project progress and details.

Introducing our Logo

Our logo unites two important concepts: The Novella’s family legacy, represented by 11 branches, each one for the 11 cousins who grew up in La Pedrera, and our country’s multiculturalism represented through its textiles, especially the symbol of the big tree, or tree of life, present in the Huipiles.

Our logo was inspirited by creative energy, a guiding star, the security of a firm foundation, and the spirit of exploration that marks the beginning of this new stage. The colors come from the four elements in nature – water, earth, fire, and wind – which are present within Ciudad La Pedrera’s context.

la pedrera ciudad inmobiliario proyecto cempro cementos progreso guatemala zona 6

We are proud of our history

To Progreso, zone 6 represents the origin of it all and La Pedrera is one of the most important icons in its history. La Pedrera quarry and facilities represent where raw material was first found. It was used to build many of our houses, schools, and streets. It also gave life to much of Guatemala’s infrastructure.

Ciudad La Pedrera is a project that seeks the human scale in all its facilities and spaces. It will maintain an adequate space between buildings, public areas, and streets to meet the needs of future neighbors.

The fact

Do you want to learn more? Contact us via WhatsApp at 3014-5209, we share the plans we have designed

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