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14 uses of lime that you probably did not know

14 usos de la cal que no sabias progreso latam horcalsa guatemala
Lime is one of the most versatile products used in industries due to its properties. Here we tell you, 14 uses of lime in different areas that you surely did not know.

Lime is a product that has multiple uses. In Guatemala, Horcalsa is the only lime manufacturer that has vertical regenerative kilns. Let’s know some uses of lime!


Metalurgia - 14 usos de la cal

In the metallurgical field, quicklime finds one of its most extensive uses, as a flux in the purification of steel and in the oxygenation of furnaces. It is also used to remove phosphorus, sulfur, and silica in steel plants.

Steel Production

produccion de acero - 14 usos de la cal
It is used in the manufacture of drawn wire, in the smelting of ingots and blast furnace slag. Also, steel products are soaked in lime to neutralize acids. Between 35-45 kg of quicklime are used for one ton of steel to be produced.

Paper Manufacturing

fabricacion de papel - 14 usos de la cal

In papermaking, lime is an important element as a causticizing agent and as a pulp bleach. It also increases the quality of the paper and is used to regulate its brightness, color and texture. Quicklime is used.

Glass Manufacturing

fabricacion de vidrio - 14 usos de la cal

Among the main raw materials for the manufacture of glass is Dolomitic Lime, which together with other chemical materials modify its properties. This allows the glass to be heated, melted, molded and blown.

Sewage Treatment

Tratamiento de Aguas Negras- 14 usos de la cal

Due to its powerful disinfecting action against bacteria and viruses harmful to health, lime is the main material in the treatment of drinking water, industrial waters and sewage. Softens and clarifies water, eliminates negative substances, neutralizes acidity and removes bad odors.

Industrial waste

deshechos industriales - 14 usos de la cal

Quick or hydrated lime is increasingly used in the treatment of many industrial waste, to combat pollution. It is used in steel and metal, chemical and explosives, paper and fiber plants, food packers, and other major industrial processes. To combat pollution, it is used in steel and metal, chemical and explosives, paper and fiber plants, food packing plants, and other important industrial processes.

Soil Stabilization

Estabilización de Suelos - 14 usos de la cal

Lime by virtue of its chemical and physical reaction, with clay soils, produces stable bases for the construction of roads, streets, avenues, boulevards, parking areas, patios, shopping centers, airports, etc. With a substantial saving in consumption of aggregates and transport of materials.

Acid Earth Neutralizer

neutralizador de tierras acidas - 14 usos de la cal

Composting the soil with lime produces a series of chemical, physical and biological processes. Such as decomposition of organisms, transformation of poisonous and harmful substances into harmless ones. It provides calcium and magnesium to the plants, and the reduction and neutralization of acidity in the soil, all this with the benefit of a higher productivity of the field.

Vegetable Sanitizer

desinfectante de frutas y verduras - 14 usos de la cal

Lime is a powerful and effective disinfectant for vegetables and legumes for home use. The dose is 1.5 g / 1L of water, soak for 5-10 minutes.

Farm Sanitizer

desinfectante de granjas - 14 usos de la cal

Ideal for disinfecting animal farms and thus avoiding diseases.

Textile industry

industria textil - 14 usos de la cal

Lime acts as a neutralizer and precipitates of dissolved solids in the water in the cotton textile finishing process. It will depend on the chemistry of the water. There is no specified dose.

Shrimp Industry

industria camaronera - 14 usos de la cal

Lime acts as a neutralizer and disinfectant in shrimp ponds.


nixtamalizado - 14 usos de la cal

For the process of husking corn for the production of tortilla dough. 2 to 3 pounds hydrated lime is used for every 3 liters of water.

Asphalt Industry

industria del asfalto - 14 usos de la cal

Lime acts as a stabilizer, prevents premature aging, prevents pores or voids, prevents oxidation reduction of the asphalt and makes them more durable.

The data: If you want to know more about lime and its uses, visit the Horcalsa website.