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Agreca provides technology to strengthen environmental education

Agreca and the Metrópoli de los Altos Commonwealth, join efforts and implement a digital platform to strengthen environmental education.

The Metrópoli de los Altos Commonwealth and Agreca’s Environmental and Social Management Unit signed a letter of understanding. It describes providing training tools which aim to strengthen environmental education in seven municipalities in the department of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

The Environmental Compliance in Guatemala» simulator’s virtual platform, developed by Cementos Progreso and the Guatemalan Chamber of Industry, received a group of 49 participants, which included commonwealth mayors, councilors, trustees, and technical personnel.

All of them will be trained in the following topics:

  • Environmental licensing
  • Protected Areas
  • Responsible Forestry Management
  • Technical legal criteria for handling hydrocarbons
  • Technical criteria for construction material quarries usage
  • Responsible handling of electricity and responsible management of PCB’s
  • Cultural Heritage Importance and Management
  • State land reserves and wastewater management.

Participants are representatives
of the Quetzaltenango, San Mateo, La Esperanza, Olintepeque, San Juan Ostuncalco, Salcaja, and Sibilia municipalities.

Important topics

The objective of the training process is for users to understand which environmental legal regulations are in force in the country. At the same time, they contribute to capacity building and generating greater confidence and legal certainty.

The e- learning course is offered to university level students in engineering, agronomy, law, public administration, postgraduate courses, etc.

The fact

This partnership contributes to what Agreca already provides to forestry office managers and directors training. They will participate in the modules together with INAB Quetzaltenango.

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