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Cementos Progreso Arrives to «Pura Vida» Country

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With more than 120 years of experience in the cement industry, the Central American company officially launched operations in the Costa Rican market.

At an event with clients, suppliers and allies from the Costa Rican construction sector, and as part of its Latin-American Operation Expansion Plan, Cementos Progreso, Progreso’s leading brand, announces its institutional launch in the domestic market. Progreso expands its reach within the region, now present in seven countries, including Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Colombia.

Launching Cementos Progreso will directly contribute to the Costa Rican construction sector, offering a broad portfolio of cement, concrete and pre-dosed products. It also has the backing of a century of experience and products of the highest quality, thus becoming an ally in providing the best construction solutions to its users.

«Our company believes in the region, understands its potential, and is committed to bringing value to all Central Americans. The launch of our flagship brand in the Costa Rican market, is key to our growth and investment plans, which seek to generate development and employment in the local and regional cement industry,» says José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso.

Cementos Progreso’s incursion into Costa Rica, marks an important milestone in the company’s history, which seeks to create shared value in the market. Adherence to its sustainability strategy, under which all activities take place, will be vital to achieve its objectives. Progreso seeks to become: the Employer of Choice for its employees, the Supplier of Choice for its customers, as well as an Environmental Leader and a Responsible Citizen; thus, contributing to improve Costa Rican’s quality of life.

«Cementos Progreso will operate in Costa Rica with the same excellence in service that has characterized the company for more than 120 years. Our goal is to «Share dreams and build realities together with Costa Ricans», with the guarantee and support of products that meet the highest quality standards. We will continue to strengthen our customer service and innovation in solutions for the industry, including an important investment plan to generate social, environmental and economic value in the country,» says Enrique García, regional director of Cementos Progreso for Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama.

José Miguel Torrebiarte, Chairman of Progreso’s Board of Directors, said: «Since its inception in 1899, the company has maintained a strong commitment to sustainability, which is fundamental to its leadership in the cement and building materials industry throughout the region. Central America is our ‘cradle’ and not simply a destination, so we seek to apply best practices and learn from the local market, to continue ‘Building together the Costa Rica where we all want to live.’

True to the legacy of its founder, Carlos F. Novella, and in strict adherence to its Code of Values, Ethics and Conduct -COVEC-, Cementos Progreso has been recognized since 2014 as one of the most ethical companies in the world by the Ethisphere Institute (NY), in addition to being recognized on multiple occasions as one of the best places to work in Latin America.

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