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CENCA student receives award from the Ministry of Education

There are stories that inspire us to continue in the pursuit of our dreams, and Lesbia Xalín’s story is one of them. At the age of twelve, she dropped out of school in order to work and financially support her parents and siblings.

Her life changed in 2021 when she saw and add from the Carlos F. Novella Foundation’s Centro Educativo Estuardo Novella Camacho (CENCA) on social networks. In the add, the Foundation offered the entire community of San Juan Sacatepéquez, the opportunity to take an elementary and high school speedup program. This program would provide a certificate of completion for each educational level.

«I have always wanted to continue studying, and although time passed, I never lost hope in being able to go back to a classroom, share with more people, learn and conquer new goals,» said Lesbia Xalín.

That same year, Lesbia was reunited with books, classmates, and learning new content that fed her spirit of curiosity, and desire to learn more. «It wasn’t easy to start over. After twenty years one forgets everything, but with God’s help, and support from my family, teachers, and classmates, I returned to a rhythm of learning and study discipline needed to pass each class,» added Xalín.

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Her nights full of study, and love for her family, immediately made her one of the most dedicated students, and she became a true example of life and effort. Given her excellent results, she was recognized by Claudia Ruiz, Minister of Education, who presented her with the «Distinguished Student» award, in the flexible categories modality.

Christie Sandy, director of CENCA, said: «At CENCA we seek promote the improvement of quality of life for Guatemalans, through education and community development. Lesbia Xalín’s case is a clear example. We are proud to have students like her, were talent, commitment, and enthusiasm shine through».

Lesbia shares her triumph with her family, and is committed to finishing high school next year. She then wants to go to college and become a science or mathematics teacher. «I dedicate this recognition to God and to all women, I urge them to never give up on their dreams and the desire to become the people they want to be.

Education transforms

Knowing that education is vital for everyone’s progress, Carlos F. Novella Foundation promotes quality education which guarantees better opportunities for all.

With quality education, we build together the country in which we want to live.

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