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Erick Melgar and innovation as a fundamental pillar of the future

The manager of Progreso's Project Accelerator is an expert in searching and identifying disruptive ideas so that he can not only lead them but turn them into reality.

For Erick Melgar, Progreso X is committed to creating, designing, and turning disruptive ideas into a reality to benefit the world, through collaborative innovation between corporations, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Teamwork is fundamental, and the idea of creating innovation processes to ensure constant and sustainable learning is the goal that is pursued daily at Progreso X.

«We have a lot to learn from entrepreneurs. We are working with startups from all over the world to achieve corporate innovation, this translates into saving us five or 10 years of learning about things in the future, and knowing what we have to do today to have a tomorrow-proof company.»

One of the most important assessments Erick makes about the company, in the balance between the person and the professional. «Progreso DNA is one of the most important characteristics because it is lived in values and is built through work and dedication».

Understanding entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship goes far beyond materializing a business idea from scratch; it is an opportunity to make people more creative, proactive, and innovative.

«Our founder Carlos F. Novella was a natural entrepreneur. This human trait led him to consolidate the dream of installing the second cement plant in the region 123 years ago. That human quality and the warmth that we proclaim generates a work mystique that gives us the certainty of achieving success in everything we set out to do,» says Erick.

For 14 years, Erick has been able to see all the changes reinvention and transformation of processes within this Guatemalan company. He knows, as an expert connoisseur, that changes are the only constant within c

The phrase

«The success of the past is due to our openness towards the future».

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