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Karla Páez’s Dreams and Ideas

Engineer, mother, and a Progreso Team Member. For Karla Páez, her work's greatness consists of beginning a project from a simple idea and turning it into a reality with the support of Progreso.

For Karla Páez, Civil Works Manager at Cemento’s project department, materializing an idea and transforming it into a functional project is her daily bread.

Civil engineering’s objective is to satisfy society’s needs because it is the science responsible for carrying out great projects, in addition to being of vital importance for mankind’s development. 

«When we start a project from scratch, there are certain things that the client wants and are difficult to imagine, but thanks to engineering, these requests begin to materialize and dreams are fulfilled,» she says.

Since she was a teenager, Karla understood that engineering was one of the careers with the greatest scope of action. It also is of great importance in how cultures evolve because it is responsible for the planning, projection, construction, and operation of civil works such as housing, hospitals, schools, office buildings, works for transportation systems, etc.

«Being an engineer has allowed me to become a better person, to be a good mother and a happy worker who puts her knowledge to work in a very responsible company».

As a mother and professional, she is aware that Progreso is one of the best places to work in the country, the region, and the continent. The commitment, dedication, and training in values, turn team members into true Progreso leaders.

The phrase

«Working at Progreso is more than a job, it is giving my children a better future».

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